I drew inspiration from three blogs that all have a minimalist theme in common. I found this style of a blog to be particularly pleasing to the eye and simple for the reader to understand and absorb. The black and white colour scheme sourced from inspired me to similarly have my photos in black and white; this allowed me to then connect the colour scheme to represent my extreme personality. Furthermore, gave me the idea to have a pastel coloured background in order to create a soothing atmosphere for the reader, I was able to then link this to my aim for 2018 in trying to be more open to new ideas instead of only thinking in black and white. Finally, further reinforced the importance of having a minimalist theme as it seems to work extremely well in producing a young, modern vibe to a blog. Honestly, I really loved the vibrant colours seeping from every post on her blog whilst maintaining a minimalist format and my original plan was to maintain a minimalist approach whilst similarly having bright photos… However, due to hiring out a camera from the DMU and holding a professional camera for the first time only a little over a week ago, I found it difficult playing with different levels of light and gelling different coloured photos together aesthetically on my blog. I decided to start writing about me first instead and attempt to tackle the themes and photography issues later; after beginning to write about my radical character I began to realise that a  black and white theme was perfect for both resembling my personality and for tackling the problem of being such a novice at photography. Therefore, these blogs helped to inspire me in terms of creating a simple and modern blog to portray my young and contrastingly chaotic life neatly.

(p.s. all photos appearing on this blog have been personally taken by me on a camera hired out from the DMU)

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